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One Dark Night (adventure)

Wilhelm’s Eve, named for a popular vindari poet, Jacob Wilhelm, is held on the winter solstice each year. During most of the day, the faithful of the One True God gather in boisterous crowds, singing and making merry in order to ward off evil. Near sunset though, criminals and heretics are executed before those same crowds, as popularized in Wilhelm’s poetry. After the executions, the vindari return home, lock their doors and bar their windows. Evil spirits are believed to wander openly on Wilhelm’s Eve Night, and it is considered grave misfortune to be outside while the moon shines.

Each year, people are killed on Wilhelm’s Eve, seemingly at random, indifferent vindari cities around Vathak. They are found the next morning butchered in the street, by someone or something is colloquially known as “the Wilhelm Killers.” Although some have been “brought to justice” for these killings, they never stop, and this year is no different. A Wilhelm Killer has come to Kandar, and the PCs find themselves outside after sunset.

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